Conference Activities

Papers to be presented at Academy of Management (AOM) 2015 to be held August 7-11, 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia

Bettinazzi. E.L.M, Massa L, Neumann K., Zollo M., Macro-Economic Crises, Competitive Strategy and Corporate Sustainability, Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management (AOM)

Bettinazzi. E.L.M, Stakeholder integration and experiential learning: evidence from corporate acquisitions, Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management, 2015

Coda V., Minoja M., Zollo M., Towards an Integrated Model of Strategy, Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management, 2015

Papers presented at Strategic Management Society annual conference (SMS) (Madrid, September 20-23, 2014):

Bettinazzi E.L.M. “Stakeholder Orientation and M&A Performance”. Nominated for the Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper and Best PhD Conference Paper awards.

Papers presented at Accademy of Management annual conference (AoM) (Philadeplhia, August 1-5, 2014):

Bettinazzi E.L.M. Stakeholder Engagement Capabilities to Explain M&A Performance Differences

Bettinazzi E.L.M., Massa L., Neumann K. Zollo M., Macro-Economic Crises And Corporate Sustainability

Papers presented at European Group for Organizational Studies Conference (EGOS) (Rotterdam, July 3-5, 2014):

Berchicci L., King A., Aspiration formation: The asymmetric effect of past performance. Evidence from waste reduction

Bettinazzi E.L.M, Neumann K., All that glitters is not gold and every cloud has a silver lining. The interaction between substantive and symbolic initiatives for environmental performances

Bianchi L., Battaglia M., Frey M., Passetti E., Stakeholder engagement in a co-operative enterprise: A dialogic perspective of analysis

Borgonovo E., Cennamo C., Massa L., Zollo M., Sustainability within the firm: the role of organizational structure and stakeholder pressure in the generation and selection of sustainability initiatives

De Stefano F., Bagdadli S., Camuffo, The HR role in corporate social responsibility and sustainability: a boundary shifting literature review

De Stefano F., Paolino C., Safety reloaded: Lean operations and high involvement work practices for sustainable workplaces

Jacqueminet A., CSR policy-practices (de)coupling within MNEs: Paths to walking the talk

Jacqueminet A., Explaining heterogeneous policy-practices coupling: A behavioural view on CSR in an MNC

Kennedy S, Whiteman G, Williams A., Sustainable innovation at Interface: Workplace pro-environmental behaviour (WPEB) as a collective driver for continuous improvement

Massa L., Mollona E., D’Angelo G., An agent based model for organizational learning, evolution and sustainability performances

Pérez-López D., Moreno-Romero A., When does sustainability reporting improve sustainability management practices? The role of company-level fit

Snoeren P., Does stakeholder engagement increase the capability to achieve profitable firm growth?

Tampe M., Resilience in the tropics: How to make social and environmental standards work in volatile commodity markets

Waddell S., Transforming operating environments, globally

Wohlgezogen F., De Stefano F., From reflection to action: Complex interdependencies as challenges to designing and implementing supply chain sustainability initiatives

Bettinazzi E.L.M, Massa L., Neumann K., Zollo M., Macro economic crisis and sustainability performance

Papers presented at the International Sustainability Transitions (IST) Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands 2014:

Cornell S., Waddell S., McLachlan M., Birney A., On considering the global environment as a purposeful system: Large-scale change, resilience and choice for global sustainability.

Waddell S., Birney A., Hsueh J., Khorsani A., Feng W. Developing change systems for sustainability globally: The example of electricity. Paper presented at the International Sustainable Transitions Network.

Papers presented by GOLDEN scholars for the conferences of the European Academy of Management (Istanbul, June 26-29, 2013) and the European Group for Organizational Studies (Montreal, July 4-6, 2013):

Songini, L.,Pistoni A., Perrone O., The Integration Of Sustainability and CSR Into The Firm Strategy: Why And How: A Case Study Of An Italian Large Multinational Company

De Stefano F., Bagdadli S., HR & Sustainability: A Model And Literature Review.

Lorenzo Massa, Achieving Superior Sustainability Performances: Instrumentality, Ethics, Legitimacy and Slack Resources.

Zollo M., Cennamo M., Neumann K., Beyond What And Why: Understanding Organizational Evolution Towards Sustainable Enterprise Models.

Massa L., Mollona E., D’Angelo G., An Agent Based Model For Organizational Learning, Evolution And Sustainability Performances: A Research Note

Wijen F., Evolving Stakeholder Relations In Corporate Environmental Management

Montefusco A., Canato A., How To Educate To Develop And Sustain Mindfulness? An Education Experiment About A Sustainable Awareness Of Complexity