Refections on 2017 G7 Environment Week – A GOLDEN Live Event

June 12th, Monday – G7 Environment Week Conclusion INTERVIEWS – live on 10:00 am –  Conclusion and Next Steps: Luca Brivio, CONAI 10:30 am –  Conclusions and Future Commitments: Giuseppe Spanto, Founder and CEO, Is Tech 11:00 am –  Future Commitments:          Maurizio Zollo, Università Bocconi 11:30 am – Conclusions and Next Steps:           Nick Robbins,…

GOLDEN Brazil Webpage Online

GOLDEN Brazil has a new homepage. Please click the logo below:    

UNISG New Partner of GOLDEN

It is a please to announce that the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy, has joined the GOLDEN network. With its strong focus on the organic relationships between food and cultures UNISG fits very well into the GOLDEN sustainability landscape. This connection with a leading institution in hospitality studies opens new possibilities in sustainability…