GOLDEN for Companies

The Challenge and Opportunity

Join GOLDEN a global non-for-profit partnership of business, academia and international institutions co-creating knowledge, strategies, and action to identify and improve the ways how companies identify and realize their sustainable future. In order to address this goal we develop cost-effective action research for private and public benefit.

These activities are deployed on individual, enterprise, and ecosystems level, leveraging the knowledge base of a network of leading research centers. GOLDEN’s applied research follows a Measure-Strategize-Experiment logic:

(1) Measure: specially developed tools and a global observatory on sustainability initiatives enable the assessment of the impact of your change initiatives and the maturity of the integration of your sustainability strategy;

(2) Strategize: based on prior assessment, steps towards the integration of a sustainability roadmap are co-developed. In this process the most relevant units or areas for impactful change are identified and tailored intervention strategies are co-designed;

(3) Experiment: to identify the change interventions with the greatest impact, alternative interventions on firm, function, or individual level are developed, deployed, rigorously monitored, and assessed in pre-post-measurements. For the most successful interventions strategies to scale-up are developed.

What can GOLDEN do for you?

Our research activities will be tailored in accordance with the specific needs of your organization. From baseline measurements to practical intervention all activities will be aligned with your needs.

How do the Field Experiments work?

After the identification of the most relevant issues, selected interventions are deployed through pilot projects a unit/function. To identify the intervention with the strongest impact, alternative approaches tackling a given sustainability challenge are deployed. The impact is assessed by measurements in the relevant dimensions before and after the interventions. The results of the pre-post-measurements are also compared to those of a control group where no intervention was deployed. Once the best intervention is identified, key lessons are distilled for an eventual scaling up process.

Potential Interventions

  • Governance models
  • Strategic decision making and resource allocation
  • Supply chain management
  • Integrated reporting
  • HR (e.g. incentive systems)
  • R&D (e.g. design for environment)
  • Leadership development
  • Cultural change
  • others to be decided according to the company’s needs

For more detailed information, please contact Frank Brueck, GOLDEN Managing Director,

FAQs for Companies

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