Sustainable World Academy


The Sustainable World Academy (SWA) intends to create an international community of like-minded institutions, corporations and scholars focused on the transition towards sustainable models of the business enterprise by

  • providing highly innovative, sustainability transition-oriented, executive education,
  • developing a learning community sharing insights on the effectiveness of interventions to accelerate the sustainability transitions for companies, value chains and societies of different sizes,
  • designing and executing field experiments, allowing business members to experience and evaluate novel solutions to sustainability integration and transformation challenges,
  • engaging with policy-makers and community leaders to influence the quality and the speed of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda



The Academy will be hosted by SDA Bocconi and directed by Prof. Maurizio Zollo.

Founding Partners:

  • The WORLD BANK via the Connect4Climate Initiative
  • GOLDEN for Sustainability


  • Academic Members

Form the SWA community of excellence in executive education in sustainability related topics

Participate in course development activities

Share best practice in sustainability programs

Benefit from the research focus in SWA learning concepts

Be entitled to use the course concepts, tools and materials developed by SWA in return for royalty fees

Be entitled to receive train-the-trainer programs for their faculty

  • Business Members

Participate in the strategic decisions on the development and growth of the Academy

Activate their networks to invite and engage business and other members in the development of the Academy

Contribute a yearly membership

Secured slots in the academy’s training programs at special conditions

Connecting with an international learning community of senior scholars, executives and representatives of institutions and civil society

Engage academic experts in specific sustainability issues in learning journeys starting from knowledge transfer, assessment of status quo, road-mapping and pilot project design for complex sustainability problem solving (see below).

  • Institutional Members

Policy-oriented or other forms of sustainability-related expertise in the design and delivery of Academy activities

Promote the Academy activities in all the relevant contexts

Participate in selected programs as thought leaders or project members

Support the Academy’s developmental goals across a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from advisory to promotion to fund-raising activities


Building on these principles SWA will develop and offer the following types of programs:

  1. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the Transformation to Sustainable Business and Enterprise Models
  2. Multi-client Executive Education Courses (MEEC) on Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Accounting and Reporting, Social and Environmental Business Impacts.
  3. Community Activities


The “Learning Journey” Approach

Introducing sustainability thinking and CSR values to core corporate functions is a very complex, but critically important, task. The challenge goes beyond innovation and implementation of sustainability-driven business models (a sufficiently complex endeavor in itself). It has to address also the fundamental changes in the mindset of managers, who need to understand the purpose of business, and their own role in it, in a very different way.   The logic of integrating social and environmental impacts with economic performance metrics and objectives is one part of the challenge. The other has to do with learning how to integrate stakeholder interests/needs, inputs and collaborative engagement in the strategic decision-making processes across all the functional activities.

SWA offers a set of innovative learning approaches rooted in the research work by the GOLDEN network that can help individual managers and their companies guide this complex transformational process.