FAQs for Corporations, Researchers and Research Centers

Why should I engage with GOLDEN now?
Who benefits from the GOLDEN work?
What are innovative change experiments?
What is a Lab in the GOLDEN context?
What is an Ecosystem for GOLDEN?


FAQs for Corporations

What is distinctive about GOLDEN in comparison with other sustainability initiatives?
How can my company engage with GOLDEN?
What value does GOLDEN produce for companies?
What corporate issues do GOLDEN’s experiments address?
How much does it cost to engage with GOLDEN?
What is “Sustainable Enterprise”?
What is Engaged Scholarship?
What happens to data generated in my company?
How is GOLDEN’s work different from a consultant’s?


FAQs for Research Centers

Why shall a researcher or a research center join GOLDEN?
What input is required by researchers and research centers joining GOLDEN?
What are the type of skills and knowledge expected?
Is any (financial) commitment other than research time expected from RCs?
Can the data be used for publication and teaching purposes?


General FAQs 

What is GOLDEN's Data Privacy Policy