About Us

In 2010 a group of international scholar from different management’s fields gathered discussing Sustainability and how it was, and of course still is, so much related to each of their research agendas. Innovation, Change, Organizational Development and Business Strategy all had ongoing discussions on Sustainability and the lack of synergies among those research agendas was in fact relenting the progress towards a common management practice, much needed by companies in the light of last decade’s crisis.

So it was that the Global Organizational Learning and Development Network (GOLDEN) for Sustainability was born: an independent, non-governmental, multi-stakeholder initiative combining disciplines and knowledge on a global scale, with the objective of speeding development of the sustainable enterprise for the future.

We are bringing together scholars, companies, civil societies’ and PA’s representatives to discuss, assess, simulate and experiment. As participants in GOLDEN we are addressing challenges and opportunities facing business with an action-oriented collaborative strategy at the necessary scale, depth and comprehensiveness.

We leverage the distinctive capacity of academic researchers for fundamental research to address medium- and long-term questions, and connect it to questions facing business to realize a flourishing future for all.

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GOLDEN represents a significant departure from traditional academic-corporate relationships. At its very core lies a collaborative agreement with cooperation between companies and research centers. This symbiotic tie between managers and scholars is at the heart of, and necessary condition for, the notion of “engaged scholarship” (Van de Ven, 2007), action research and other methods that closely connect academics and practitioners. Effectively designed and executed, these approaches produce valuable insights and transformational change for business partners, as well as the generation and testing of innovative concepts, knowledge and understanding for scholars and managers alike.