• Paolo Nazzaro, Director, Group Sustainability, Telecom Italia
    GOLDEN … brings together two key assets: academic excellence and leading business practice, with great promise for a breakthrough contribution to the development of sustainable business models.
  • Justin Smith, Sustainability Head, Woolworths, SA
    "We are happy to join up and work with you on this. It’s a great way of getting feedback on our strategy and programs."
  • Ian Muhlfeit, Chairman, Microsoft EMEA (Europe, The Middle East, Africa)
    GOLDEN has engaged some of the best minds in academia and business to develop a thorough approach to assess the quality and impact of sustainability-led initiatives across all the key functional activities and country subsidiaries.
  • Measurement Tools for Sustainability Integration
    GOLDEN developed a set of tools to measure the integration of corporate sustainability internally and externally.
  • Vanessa Otto-Mentz, Head: Group Strategy Unit, SANTAM, SA
    "Golden offers a way to take a global and simultaneously local approach to the systemic and complex challenges we face in organ‎isations today. I feel they model and experiment in a way that points to the future of how to design a more resilient world. I enjoy the mix they bring of theory and practice, and their willingness to work and learn together."
  • Experience Sustainability in Experimentation
    Research accompanied piloting of alternative sustainability interventions in field experiments inside of corporations is one of GOLDEN's core competency.

GOLDEN: accelerating the transformation of business to sustainable enterprise

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